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Instructions for Fine Art Liaisons' Artist/Resource Database Submission

Through this “Submit Art” feature we gather information from artists, publishers and other vendors for the convenience of our corporate and residential clients.  Submit your art to this database via the “artists” page of www.FalArtConsulting.com. Please only submit images of original or limited edition artwork. (You can mention if open editions are available in the Note field  #15)

If you are an art publisher interested in submitting images of the artists that you represent, please submit your company information first and then resubmit art images after your initial submission. Please include a list of the artists that you represent in the field #15.

  1. Resource Type: Select the Resource type from the pull-down menu. Enter the type as “other” if it does not appear on the drop-down list.
  2. Name: Enter your First and Last Name. Enter your Middle name or initial only if it is used professionally.
  3. Company Name (Artist):  Enter the artist company name only if it is used professionally. (For example: JD Fine Art studio, Inc.)
  4. Company Name (Art Vendor or Rep): If you are an artist represented by a publisher, rep or art vendor, enter this company name here.
  5. Phone #:  In this format “610.555.1212”           
  6. Cell #: in this format: “610.555.1212”
  7. Fax#: in this format: “610.555.1212”
  8. Contact Name: Enter an alternate contact name (different from the Artist)
  9. Street: Mailing Address
  10.  City, State & Zip
  11.  Email
  12. Website in this format http://www.falartconsulting.com
  13. Is your artwork available to Lease? Fine Art Liaisons offers an art leasing program. This a “purchase friendly” program that allows the client to credit some leasing fees toward the purchase of the artwork. The client has the “first right of refusal” regarding the artwork purchase at the close of the lease period.  The minimum lease term is 6 months and maximum lease term is 12 months with options to renew. Leasing fees are split with the artist.  All leased artwork must be framed, gallery wrapped or completely ready to hang. Shipping and Delivery fees are paid to the consultant or artist in addition to the leasing fees. If you are a professional, prolific artist with several pieces available for sale at one time, this program may be a good fit for you. If your art inventory is limited or if you do not work as an artist “Full time”, you may want to select “NO” regarding leasing. If you need more information about this program, please call or email.
  14. About the Artist or Company Description:**IMPORTANT** - This information should not fill more that ¾ of an 8.5” x 11” page with a 12 pt. font. If you are an artist, copy and paste your biography, resume or artist statement. If you are a publisher, rep, art vendor or other resource, enter a description of your company and its services and also a list of the artists that you represent.
  15. Notes, Questions or Comments:  Include information that we should know that has not otherwise been addressed within this form. Also, if you have specific questions or comments about Fine Art Liaisons, the Artist/Resource Database or this form, please include them in this field.
  16. – 19. Title of Image, Medium (include substrate for ex: Oil on Canvas), Image Size:  In this format 12” x 16” – Length x Width x Height. Retail Price $: This is the price that the client pays. Fine Art Liaisons takes the customary trade discount from this retail price. Customary trade discounts do not apply to monumental sculpture or site specific commissions. The submitted retail price must be the fair market value, the same or comparable to the pricing on your website or other public information. You must submit pricing. If you do not want this pricing to be displayed in the database, please make note of that in the “Notes, Questions or Comments field”. CLICK HERE to view a How to Price your Artwork links page.  

Image Upload – We are having some trouble with the "Upload Images" feature of our website. Please title images 1, 2, 3 & 4 and email these as attachments in one email submitart@falartconsulting.com. Please be sure that the email is no larger than 3Megabytes and include your full name in the body of the email. 

 Questions?  Emails us at info@falartconsulting.com or call 610.520.2200

CLICK HERE for a printable PDF of these Instructions









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